Hunting for statistics jobs in industry

I would like to share a few things with you from recent experience of my transition from academia to industry. Of course I have a lot more experience than a fresh graduate, but something I’ve experienced that many others may benefit from. I believe this will help you to think at least. I’ve written this with the candidates in the US job market in mind.

Firstly, I would say this– lies, damn lies, statistics, AND one-page resume. I hope you got what I meant. One-page resume never worked for me. Here’s why.

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Statistics and Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS)

In this new era of science, the word ‘Statistics’ has a fascinating sense of hidden insights and analytics, data modelling, mining, learning from features, all about huge data management approaches by analyzing, interpreting, representing by figures and predicting for next decades and so on. World is hunting for big data analysts, world is getting hunger for researchers, data scientists and statisticians.

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Graphics using R

R is a free software for statistical analysis and graphics. It has become widely popular among statisticians as well as people from other disciplines. It is a free software, and can be downloaded from here.  There are various functions in R to construct graphs. Moreover, graphs are more flexible way to visualize information extracting from data.    In light of this situation, the aim of this article is to give some ideas on producing graphs using R. Hope this will be helpful for R learners.

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A Ready-made Beamer Presentation Template

In this article, a beamer template is provided which can be used as is or with minimum modification. Beamer is used among the scientific community to produce beautiful and fancy presentations where the content is predominantly mathematical. Powerpoint is perhaps better suited for non-mathematical presentations, whereas beamer shines where there is math!

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Where to Study Master of Public Health (MPH) in Canada

There is a great interest among students from Indian subcontinent to study public health in US/Canadian universities. Here is a short list of Master of Public Health (MPH) program offered at some Canadian top-ranked universities. I intend to update this as I find more information. The contents are mostly compiled from their respective sources, yet I recommend you to visit their pages for updated information.

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Typesetting Mathematics in Blackboard with MathJax

Typing mathematical expression in Blacbkoard is a pain. This is especially true for you if you know what is LaTeX and how to create beautiful document with it.

Thanks to MathJax that it is possible to insert math equations and math symbols in Blackboard assignments, tests, feedback and so on.

And its very easy. If you want to insert math symbols and equations in Blackboard, you may find the following steps useful.

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An Insight into Predictive Modeling

Sitting idle on a Friday afternoon, you might feel like watching a movie on TV. But, surfing so many channels you cannot find a suitable one for yourself! You then move back to your laptop and search online to get a good movie to watch. What do you think would be a good idea? The most popular options would be YouTube or Netflix. They are always ready with a lot of recommendations for you. Have you ever thought how these recommendation engines work? Well, here I come to my point; basically they are executed by using some type of “statistical predictive models”.

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With a desire to be content and a “statistician”

In this article, Aniqa Tasnim writes about being a biostatistician, and the steps one should take to become successful as a biostatistician. Written as a monologue, this articles expects to generate lively discussion from mathematicians, (bio)statisticians, and would-be-biostatisticians. –Editor.

For past few days a thought has been striking in my mind and giving me this urge to write it down. I was a student of Applied Statistics and then I wanted to try out Biostatistics for post grad as per my interest. I attempted for a Master’s degree rather than trying a PhD right afterwards since I was not very sure if I am going to like Biostatistics for living. For me happiness was always the most important thing to achieve which is for sure the most difficult as well. No matter what other people think about you, your happiness is something that could be decided only by yourself.

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